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"I have known Stan Young to be a strong advocate for Veterans and Veteran's rights.  Stan is himself a Navy Veteran who has spent a forty-plus year career in Nursing or some level of direct patient care in a variety of settings.  His dedication, perseverance, and grasp of issues important to us all reveal his capacity to be a highly effective senator.  I am proud to endorse his candidacy for the Oklahoma State Senate."---Dr. Lori Holyfield, author of Veterans Journeys Home:  Life After Afghanistan and Iraq. — Dr. Lori Holyfield

"Stan Young is a former Navy Nurse Corps Officer, a veteran, and a man you can always trust to mean exactly what he says. He is a man who genuinely has a desire to give back by serving his community. He is a true progressive, dedicated to humanitarianism, social justice and working for a fairer and more just world. It is with great pride and confidence that I endorse my fellow Will Rogers High alumni. As a retired Naval Officer and carrier pilot who also served 8 years as a Vietnam POW, you can take my word that Stan Young will serve our state well as our District 35 State Senator."------Phillip N. Butler, CDR, USN (ret.), member Will Rogers High School Hall of Fame

— Phil Butler

"I'm thrilled that Stan Young is running for the Oklahoma State Senate. I heartily endorse him for that position because I know that he will serve with proven integrity and commitment to Democratic values. I first met Stan in 1979 when I was the Captain of a Navy guided missile destroyer and he was my junior Hospital Corpsman. While the ship was operating in the Gulf of Thailand off the west coast of Vietnam, we encountered a small wooden cargo boat in distress. On board were 262 Vietnamese Boat People; refugees desperately trying to escape from the Communist regime back home. Stan was faced with an extraordinary challenge and rose to it with tireless professionalism and maturity. Over the years since, he and I have stayed connected as his career advance in the Navy and out. I have seen first hand the character and passion this man brings to all that he does. I have no doubt he will make a fine State Senator and will well represent the constituents of District 35.---------Captain Dana P. French, Jr. USN ret. (former Commanding Officer USS Robison) — Dana French

"It is with great pleasure and pride that I write in support of Stan Young's candidacy for the Oklahoma State Senate. I met Stan in 1979 while serving aboard USS Robison (DDG-12). Stan was one of two of the ship's hospital corpsmen and I was a machinist mate. I came to know Stan as a talented person with the intelligence, ability and dedication to complete any task. I know him to be extremely passionate about helping other human beings regardless of their ethnicity, sexual personae, religion, political views, or country of origin. This I witnessed personally in December 1980 when our vessel rescued two groups of refugees from Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand....Stan conducted himself honorably...his compassion and dedication towards these unfortunate victims of the Vietnam War was rivaled only by his professionalism."---Jose Aguilar, Adjunct Professor, San Diego City College Anthropology Department-----former crew USS Robison. — Jose Aguilar

"...I have known Stan for 40 years. We first met in 1979 while serving in the U.S. Navy aboard USS Robison (DDG-12)...We both shared tremendous responsibilities while we served. I normally vote Republican but not all the time. If I resided in Oklahoma I would definitely support Stan because I feel he can work together with is counterparts in the other party and I know he stands tall for Veterans. I stand tall for Stan Young in the 2020 Election."------Clifford Jenke, former crew USS Robison (DDG-12) — Clifford Jenke

“…Stan Young’s record is one of not only service but of dedication to country and to those who serve it.  From enlisted Navy Corpsman to retired Navy Nurse to my committee Vice-President, Stan’s lifetime of caring and involvement in causes greater than himself set him apart as a candidate for our state’s senate.  He has what is needed to be a voice for Veterans at the State Capitol.”---- John Pettyjohn, former President, Veterans Committee, Oklahoma Democratic Party
— John Pettyjohn

"Stan’s dedication to Democratic values was apparent to me early and often.  He was voted Veteran of the Year for 2016 by the committee of which he later became vice president.  He certainly has the career background and level of commitment to be a badly needed member of our State Senate Democratic Caucus.  It is my honor to endorse him for Senate District 35.”----Mark Hammons, former Chairman, Oklahoma Democratic Party.
— Mark Hammons

"....I have known Stan since the day that we were rescued by USS Robison (DDG-12) on December 12th, 1980........When I heard that Stan is running for Oklahoma State Senate, I did not hesitate to endorse him. As a Sooner graduate, I have no doubt that Stan will be a true advocate for justice and care for all people he represents. With proud enthusiasm, I support Stan Young for Oklahoma State Senate!"-----Vinh Ngo, former English instructor, Saigon University, former refugee, member of Boat 262, University of Oklahoma Class of 1987. — Vinh Ngo

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